Take a stroll around with a friend who will make you feel like a "Porteño".
Meet a volunteer who will accompany you for free during your visit
and who will show you the main attractions. We will arrange a ride
specially designed according to your interests.

I want to meet
a Greeter

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Cultural Capital of America

You want to know the cultural capital of Latin America, the land of Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar, Ernesto Sabato and Tango, the gateway to the magical Patagonia, the Mecca of football passion and the most exquisite food.


Enhance the image

We are a nonprofit organization (NPOs) created more than 10 years ago, working to improve the image of Buenos Aires, enabling domestic and foreign visitors to know more deeply the city and its people.


Free Services

We provide free services for travelers who visit our City, exploring non traditional neighborhoods or special places "off the beaten path". Therefore we promote tourism, we set cordial ties with visitors and make their stay a warm and safe experience.


We offer the opportunity to volunteers, not professional tourist guides, knowledgeable about the city, to warmly show Buenos Aires' most typical and nice places of which we "porteños" are proud of.
We offer the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires in a different way, friendly and safe, from the hand of a friend.

We offer visitors

  • Meet a new friend in Buenos Aires.
  • Visiting special places according to your interests.
  • Organizing visits, on your own or with your family and friends , in small groups, up to six persons with one Greeter.
  • Get free assistance.

We require volunteers

  • Love and pride for their city.
  • Enjoy showing it.
  • Interested in meeting people.
  • Want to donate their free time voluntarily .

Cicerones IN DAILY NATION 14-11-2015


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